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Cute and Cuddly

They are cute, cuddly, full of giggles, gurgles, have pink little fingers and toes and are the most glorious of God's creations. BABIES! I am always left in awe after I've been to take photographs of babies. They are so incredible! It is such a privilege for me to share in and capture moments at the beginning of their journey. These photos also act as proof of their cuteness for moments when they are naughty and that's not the only advantage! They are also handy to have for that 21st birthday party *wink*. Not to mention their usefulness as adornments for your kitchen table top, work desk, walls inside your home and at work, reminding you of just how much you love that angelic little face.

We take every precaution to ensure that we do not damage your baby's eyes through the use of bright flashes and lights. This is why we prefer taking the photos using natural light.

Recent Photo Shoots

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