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About Us

We embarked on this exciting journey 10 years ago while we were still dating. Back then we were interested in taking great holiday, kitten and artistic pics (I started studying Visual Arts through UNISA). Today, we sport knowledge, skill and experience in many fields of photography including (but never restricted to) wedding, engagement, newborn and baby, family, product, macro, landscape, pet and function photography.

Photography is a multi-disciplinary vocation. As a result, both my husband and I are able to share in the many aspects of photography. He is very technical and has read all of the camera and lens manuals (can you believe it?!). I am artistic and have studied (and continue to study) the works and compositions of various photographers both locally and internationally in an attempt to continuously grow in my own abilities. Together, we are able to combine these abilities to give you technically proficient, yet artistically beautiful images.

We are constantly in awe of the beautiful world that God has created all around us and it is only our privilege that we may capture His creation in images and share them with you.

Warren and Helen

Warren and Helen